Sunday, March 24, 2013

Judging others???

I am just sitting here while everyone is still asleep. Times like this just gives me time to think and reflect. I at times feel that maybe I do that too much. Life has been tough, which the majority of people may feel the same. I am happy now. I have a wonderful family, that I love dearly. I worship my Savior and God. Yet times like these I feel there is still something missing. My MS took a lot away from me over the years but I still go on. I could care less about what others think of me yet there are times it bothers me. Lately something was said that truly bothered me. There was a person I truly respected but no longer do I respect them. I did everything for them, helped them in anyway even if what I was doing was hard because of my MS symptoms. Even when I would do things that left me the next day pretty much in bed all day due to ms fatigue. I still got up and continued. I was told by someone that the person I once respected said they felt I was disrespected them all because I didn't show up for something at their house and that they also said that if they ran into me and if I said the wrong thing they would bust my mouth. This person is supposedly a devote Christian, yet I feel a comment like that they need to re-read the teachings of our Lord. Yes people judge me all because I have tattoos, my ears are gauged, and recently dyed my hair. Just because I have a different outside appearance than what some people approve of does not mean that the person inside is different or bad. The people that truly know me I was always creative and just express myself in different ways. Does that make me a bad person? The Lord knows my heart and thats whats important!


My Daughter Grace

My Daughter Grace
Grace at Easter 2009.