Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last Night, Wet Leaves, Trails, The Gorge, and Mr. Ambulance Driver

Well I am sitting here and feeling that I need to clarify the events of yesterday. I went with two friends to Koomer Ridge Camp Ground in Wolfe County KY to go camping in the red river gorge. All went well for the most part. Yesterday started out with rain but not very heavy rain. It was mostly off and on so we decided to go ahead and camp. Everything went well until we went on a hike. After making about three miles I lost my footing due to wet leaves and mud left from the rain. None the less I fell and fell numerous times. I tried to make it back to camp but the trail was rough and I even at times found myself crawling along the ground. In my mind I kept positive and related my situation of any situation that Sly Stallone dealt with in the Rambo movies. Eventually Multiple Sclerosis kicked in and pain also. We made it to the top of the ridge of the trail but I physically could not go any further. Luckily my friend Matt's Cricket cell phone had signal and we called 911 and had search and rescue come out and carry me out of the trail and to an awaiting ambulance. I have to give thanks to the rescue team last night. Thank you everyone!!! I ended up in Clark Regional Hospital last night. It is believed that I suffered two sprang ankles. My left ankle suffered the worst and causes the most pain. The xrays came out okay but I am still going to see an orthopedic to make sure there isn't any damage they missed. So Im now at my parents with both feet up and my left was placed in a half cast and the right just in an ace bandage wrapped tightly.


My Daughter Grace

My Daughter Grace
Grace at Easter 2009.