Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Poem (Not By Me) and My Feelings About My Wife

This is a poem from some one's past that is published and I probably will get in the dog house for sharing it. The author is very special to me and the poem is not about me so no worries. Just hope I don't get into too much trouble. This poem is copyright to the author. No Reproduction.

"A New Start"
There was a time when I could fly-- I swear it
My heart was full of love, and I was content
But today, I am lonely
And only the shadow of the dark being that
Symbolized my one true love is left
All that was pure has been eradicated
I am filled with regret-- with longing
The blissfulness in which I used to
Strip and dive is no longer present
It has fled-- along with my sanity
My love for him never ceased, and when it
Seemed as if I could bear no more--
He vanished
Was it a cry against twilight?
Was I too trusting in the mild-eyed stars?
I have learned not to boast about tomorrow
I don't even know what today might bring
I have learned to look toward the white
Scarves of the clouds for hope, and this is
As good a place as any to make a new start
Amanda L. Hollon
For those that do not know my wife, she truly is a talented woman. She is a poet, a wonderful singer with an angelic voice that she tries to hide, a loving mother, creative, can sew anything, makes crafts, and to me her most important talent is she is a very loving, and supportive wife. If you don't know Amanda you are missing a great chance to meet one of God's children full of love and grace. Amanda is very humble and does not boast about any of her talents. She would rather hide it than to gain attention for it. She is truly one of the greatest people I have ever met in my life. I know I am her husband and a bit biased, but I speak all these things as not only her husband but her friend. I can say that being married to her is truly a gift from God. He allowed me to meet one of His daughters and to take her as mine. He has given me a great honor and I hope I can only live up to His commands as a husband and a father myself.
I Truly love Amanda with all of my heart and I am glad that she is my wife and my best friend. She is truly a friend that a person needs. She knows how to bring me to my senses when I get out of control and she knows how to comfort me when I am at my lowest. When I am in tears feeling the pain that this world brings and that this disease throws at me. She gave me the courage and she re-kindled my soul when I was totally lost in despair. I was in that dark hospital room not eating and was ready to accept death if it was God's will, but it wasn't. Amanda reminded me of our love and the love of our daughter and got me to start eating again. I feel that the good Lord worked through her that day. She gave me hope that I had felt I lost. Amanda, I love you and thank the Lord for you.


My Daughter Grace

My Daughter Grace
Grace at Easter 2009.